Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin


Blue/Pink Garden Room

Blue/Pink Garden Room

A Community of Queens


Since it is creative Tuesday, I have a really cool idea. But I am wondering if you want to become a member?

I’m about to create an online  forum where, if you are a middle aged woman,  you are invited to share health tips, wealth tips, parenting, vacation, classes, recipes etc. You will be able to join for free, and it will exist for Queens anywhere.

We have a vast wisdom that needs to be tapped, so hold onto your crowns and be patient while I create this forum. When I’m done, I will give you all the website.

Please respond and give me a count on who is in.

No Tantrums.


There is a problem with being a parent…tantrums.    What do you do?   Everyone says, “Just ignore it”

But god, it is really hard.     Especially if we are in a grocery store and he has one.  Here are some tips from a parent who has been there.

Let’s imagine we are all in a restaurant waiting for our food and, out of the blue, our son has a tantrum.

  1. Breathe. Take a long inhale and exhale fully
  2. Ask him to explain with specific words, what is happening to him.
  3. Repeat to yourself, “The more tranquil I get, the better.”
  4. His idea is to get us both riled up-Breathe fully
  5. Ask him to talk with him outside
  6. Go outside and walk with him around the block

For our son, it is usually that he is frustrated and has a hard time finding the words to say. Be there with him and assist him in expressing himself not with actions, but with words. By giving him one to one attention, away from the rest of the family, usually stops him in his tracks because he doesn’t have the audience, that he wants.


Patience, Grasshopper.

Afterward, if you need a timeout, have a wonderful walk around the block and breathe.