Today is creative Tuesday



Here is a tip, I create all my collages online at Yup. It is easy and I don’t need to collect a million magazines to do it. Here is how it works:

  • Go to and subscribe for free
  • Go to Create——>Set
  • Drag whatever you want from the “All Items” page .
  • You can either “save a draft” or “publish” when you are ready.
  • For more items to drag into your set, you can click “Like” on other sets. It will show up in “My Items” page.
  • If you want to clip from other websites, download this clipper and you can collect photos from and and others.
  • I’m not a fashion maven so my work is not about outfits, but hey, you can also drag your favorite fashion items into a set.


Today is Creative Tuesday. Go out there and create something. Anything. Take the time to let your creative mind have a go.  It will like you. Take pictures, arrange flowers, make a delicious meal or give Polyvore a try. Please tell me what you did, below.

Be brave.

Put on your creative hat and let’s see what you got.